Monster Theme Cupcakes

Monster Theme CupcakesMonster theme cupcakes for a little monster turning three? Absolutely!

The other week was Chook’s third birthday! He didn’t miraculously turn into the golden child on his birthday but we’re getting there.

I had to chuckle when he asked for a monster cake…how appropriate, you little monster 🙂

With full gusto I sent out monster invitations “Calling All Little Monsters!” and planned a Monster themed birthday party and set about creating these monster theme cupcakes.

I have a soft spot for cupcakes, I really do and not just because they are cute.

Cupcakes are quick!

Cupcakes are easy!

Cupcakes require no cutting!

Cupcakes are the same size (so no arguements over bigger slices)!

Cupcakes are easily transported!

Cupcakes are easily handed out to the hungry hoards!

Cupcakes can be decorated in awesome ways!

Monster Theme Cupcakes:

Monster Theme Cupcakes
The cupcakes are a simple buttercake recipe. I made butter icing and divided the mixture into four portions.

I left one plain and coloured the remaining three.

First I iced each cupcake with the plain icing.

Next I filled a piping bag with coloured icing and I had so much fun creating monster fur, leaving a space for monster mouths.

Monster Theme Cupcakes
When the piping was complete I used icing pens to create mouths and teeth.

Finally I placed white chocolate buttons for eyes with a dot of chocolate for pupils.

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