Kid Made Monster Theme Party Invitations

A Monster Theme Party needs monster theme party invitations! When I saw this ‘Build-A-Monster’ stamp set from Stampin’ Up! I knew they would be an awesome addition to the kids craft stash. Our very first project using them was to make invitations for Chook’s monster themed birthday party.

Monster Theme InvitationsI just love that from three monster body stamps you can create as many unique monsters as your imagination will let you!

Monster Theme InvitationsTo get started on this activity I put a little bit of time into setting up and preparing the activity. I chose a spot where Chook and I could sit side by side. I covered the work area with large sheets of paper to protect the bench surface and to allow stamping off the side of the card. The paper was also a great way to demonstrate to Chook how to hold and press down on the stamp and to practice a few times before stamping the card.

Monster Theme InvitationsAlthough I had several coloured ink pads available, I only made one available at a time. This was to ensure that ink wasn’t transferred from one pad to another.

To clean my stamps I use baby wipes, so I had box sitting near-by to clean the stamps with. Also, very useful for cleaning fingers and hands that touch the pad!

I demonstrated to Chook how to hold the stamp, press onto the pad and stamp onto the card. After a few practices I handed Chook some pre-cut A6 sized card.

Monster Theme InvitationsHe picked up the technique very quickly and I even had the opportunity to stamp some monsters of my own! Every now and again we would clean our stamps and swap colours. It was so lovely sitting side-by-side with my gorgeous boy doing something I love.

For this session I just wanted us to stamp with the monster bodies all over each card. I thought we would have a second session where we would do the monster features, but he was enjoying our craft so much he wanted to continue. It was then that I realised that this next part was going to be a challenge for Chook, as the feature stamps are quite small and will require good fine motor skills. And I wondered how he would go at placing the stamp inside the monster body, which was drawing on his spatial skills. He did an amazing job! I adore his fun party invitations!

Monster Theme InvitationsWe worked on these for a solid hour and a half and Chook remained focused for the entire time, a sure sign he enjoyed this activity.

I used Word to design his party details and the clipart is from BabyStarDesign called Cute Monsters.

Stamping With Ink Pads Develops:

  • Fine motor skills with grasping and placement of stamps.
  • Language development through talking about what you are stamping, where you are stamping, why you are stamping it that way.
  • Cognitive learning happens through trial and error when stamping the figures around the card/paper, colour learning, counting and shape recognition can all happen.
  • Social skills such as sharing is developed through doing this activity with others. Develop assertive skills by encouraging your child to say “I am using this stamp right now, but when I am finished I will give it to you.”
  • Emotional skills such as perseverance and feelings of success can be encouraged through this activity.

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  4. I love this post. I think allowing Chook to make his own party invitations is marvelous, and I think there is so much value in using stamps. Those monster stamps are terrific. Where did you get them?

    • Hi Tracy. Thank you 🙂 These stamps are great aren’t they! They are from a company called Stampin’ Up. One of the ladies I regularly craft with gets the catalogs and I order through her but I think you can order online as well.

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