Montessori Picks From the Kids Co-Op

I’m slowing down a little on posting as often during the week as we are entering a bit of a busy period here in the Triple T household. It’s really quite frustrating because I have tons of drafts sitting there but no time to add the finishing touches. It is all really good stuff and I am so excited to share our play, creating and learning with you but time is a rare resource!

I am trying to find a rhythm that works for our family but keep hitting a stumbling block. I know it is a season and that this too shall pass but it feels like daily I am returning to the drawing board to find a way to make things work.

But thanks to The Weekly Kids Co-Op I can share with you content that I think is absolutely awesome and reflect where I am, what I am thinking, what we are trying to make happen here. These are my inspiration picks! I hope they inspire you too!

Montessori Practical Life Materials I Recommend Buying from Living Montessori Now.

Nine Practical Life Activities Involving Food from Gift of Curiosity

Our Montessori Trays September from Racheous


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