Montessori Practical Life: Bubble Squeezing

The age of Chook, Strawberry and Ooffa means that practical life activities are our main emphasis in our Montessori home school. Whole hand activities are part of the Practical Life learning area. There are many activities that help children strengthen the muscles of their hands in preparation for writing. I have posted a number of activities where the children are using their whole hand to complete the tasks. The following activity requires children to hold the bubble maker in their fist and squeeze to get the bubbles to appear.
Montessori Practical Life: Bubble squeezing
I began with a simple invitation of bubble mixture and the bubble squeezies. It didn’t take long to get their interest in what I was putting out for them…it never does! These kids are so keen to get involved in all the activities I prepare for them!
Montessori Practical Life: Bubble squeezing
When the children had gathered around me I demonstrated dipping the ‘mouth’ of the bubble squeezie into the bubble mixture. I then showed them how to position the squeezie in the hand and then squeezing to make the bubbles.
 Montessori Practical Life: Bubble squeezin
They couldn’t wait to have a go themselves!
 Montessori Practical Life: Bubble squeezing

 Montessori Practical Life: Bubble squeezing

“We may put it like this: the child’s intelligence can develop to a certain level without the help of the hand. But if it develops with his hand, then the level it reaches is higher, and the child’s character is stronger. So even here, in what we tend to think of a purely psychological matters, the facts are that a child’s character remains rudimentary unless he finds opportunities for applying his powers of movement to his surroundings.” Maria Montessori – The Absorbent Mind

More Montessori ideas to strengthen the muscles of the hand:

Etsy finds for using the whole hand:

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Chook is 4.5 years old. Ooffa and Strawberry are 3.

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