A Tour Of Our Montessori-inspired Preschool

Today I’m giving you all a peek into our Montessori-inspired Preschool learning environment. We are very fortunate to have a designated space just for our Preschool activities! We have converted our large patio area, just outside our back door, into a wonderful child centered learning environment. Let’s take a look around…

Montessori-inspired Preschool Tour

I love having this separate space for our Preschool activities and materials. Our space is divided into two main areas, our Montessori works are at the rear of the space divided from our art and play area by shelves and lattice. This space works so well for me, my family and my gorgeous preschoolers because…

  1. This has become a special space in the hearts and minds of all the children who play and learn here.
  2. We are separate from the everyday home environment clutter, that has really distracted us in the past.
  3. I am less stressed about mess and I can emphasise the importance of an organised space, as it is only our mess we are dealing with!
  4. Our work and projects does not impact on living in our home.
  5. There is no daily set-up (YAY!) We pack away and return as we please.
  6. The children and I feel like we are doing something important here, and value everything and everyone.

Our Preschool entry is through a sliding door coming off our car port. Parents enter through here and directly ahead is our Welcome Area. Here I have a shelf that holds my Preschool paperwork in two baskets at the bottom and then there is a little cubby for each child’s belongings.

Montessori-inspired Preschool Tour

To the right of the entrance is our Sensory play area, which includes the sandpit and sensory table.

Montessori-inspired Preschool Tour

To the left of the Welcome Area is our toilet, nappy changing and hand washing area, accessed through the sliding laundry door.

Just past the laundry door is our Creative nook, for drawing, painting and creating and beyond that is my storage area.

On the other side of our laundry door is our Role Play Area, which has been left very open-ended.

Montessori-inspired Preschool Tour

To the right of our Welcome Area is our Construction Area, which houses our blocks, vehicles, dolls, play silks, animals, loose parts, etc. There is a child sized table here for tabletop activities.

Montessori-inspired Preschool Tour

Behind our Construction Area and in the main learning area is another child sized table for tabletop activities, our musical instruments, practical and sensorial shelves. Our shelving is from Bunnings and I decided on the Trofast trays from IKEA for our activity trays.

Montessori-inspired Preschool Tour

Around from these shelves are our Language and Mathematics shelves.

Montessori-inspired Preschool Tour

As our Montessori materials are used by many children, I am adding more and more bought materials but there are still a few DIY materials floating around, like these number rods 🙂

Montessori-inspired Preschool Tour

Along our back wall is the light table and Reading Area/Meeting Area.

Montessori-inspired Preschool Tour

The mat is from IKEA and is a much-loved aspect of our reading area, as it is soft and lovely to lie down on while enjoying a book. The net softens the walls behind and can easily create a secret reading nook when pulled out.

Montessori-inspired Preschool Tour

The Peace Tent is a hugely important space in our Preschool and an important part in developing our emotions and friendships. It is my adaptation of the Montessori Peace Table for our space. It is a safe space for the children to learn to regulate their emotions and collect themselves away from frustration and distraction.

In the photos above you can also see a glimpse of our outdoor space. I haven’t included our outdoor space in this post as it is about to undergo a huge overhaul, that will involve a Bobcat excavator, concrete and landscaping. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and I can post about our outdoor space soon!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour around our Montessori-inspired Preschool space. I have tried to make this a ‘yes’ space as much as possible. A space where there are no limitations on the children’s ideas or thoughts. A space where children feel safe and that they belong here. A space that is beautiful and inspires creativity, without holding back exploration. A space that honours the environment as the third teacher.

Yours in play,

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