Morning Rhythm With 3-Under-3 Years of Age

Morning Rhythm/Routine

With three kids under the age of three years old, a teen that needs to get the school bus and a husband that needs to get to work in the morning, mornings can be a REALLY busy time around here!

Things don’t always go to plan either, but it is good to have a guide on the regular things that need to be done. I find the rest of the day goes a lot smoother.

Last week I posted about Self-Care Time and there was a great comment from Shannon which got me thinking.

Yes, this is a season of being a mother of small children but we don’t want to put all of ‘me’ to the side either.

Have you ever woken up before the kids?

How quiet and peaceful is the house!?! Here is an opportunity for a few minutes of quiet for myself.

To drink a cup of tea while it’s still hot!

To have some daily self-care time, ahhhh, bliss!

So here’s my Before Kids Wake Morning Routine

Rise and Shine

A morning walk (self-care!)

Shower, get dressed, make-up and hair.

Breakfast and Plan the Day (Check calendar, What’s for lunch?, What’s for dinner?)

After that I can’t wait to the kids! I have a big, fat, happy smile on my face, the morning song is sung with joy and I am prepared to begin our day and enjoy them!

Our Morning Rhythm

Kids Care



Essential Organisation

Make beds, brush teeth, Wipe down bathroom sink, Wipe over toilet.

Laundry (Put it on or hang it out).

Kitchen (Fill the sink; Wipe down the highchairs)

My time saving tip for Essential Organisation:

‘flow’ what you need to do. ‘Flow’ from room to room. Try not to retrace your steps. I start at the top of the hall and work my way back to the living area.

The babies room is directly across the hall from the bathroom so I finish making the beds there and go across to the bathroom. Then it’s down the hall to the toilet and laundry. Hopefully when I get to the living room I don’t need to go back up the hall for anything.

A few days ago I put a video up of our Morning Rhythm, you can watch it here.

I have this printed out in my Home Management Planner and an extra copy displayed on the pantry door, it helps me stay focused 🙂

What’s your morning routine? Do you have one already?

Etsy PRINTABLE finds for your Morning Routine:

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morning routine
Printable Routine Cards
daily routine
Daily Routine
morning routine chartMorning Routine Chart
morning chore chart
Morning Chore Chart

See our Afternoon Rhythm and Evening Rhythm.

Chook is 2.5. Ooffa and Strawberry are 1.

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