Become The Mother You Want To Be!

Tips and guidance to find happiness, connection and strength so you can find true joy with your family and fulfillment as a mother.

Over whelmed.

Tired. So tired.



Many times last year I could describe myself with these words.

Many times I would think I can’t be all I can be.

I would look around my home and think “I should be doing more”.

I would look at my children and think “I should be playing more”.

I would look at my husband and think “I should appreciate you more”.

My energy levels would drop.

My tolerance levels would drop.

All those balls we juggle as Mamas would come falling down all around me.

And I can’t pick them up because I have nothing more to give.

And that negative inner voice starts and I start to believe that I am not enough. I believe it because the evidence is everywhere that I am not enough…but is it really?

Tips and guidance to find happiness, connection and strength so you can find true joy with your family and fulfillment as a mother. (Crafting Connections has created 5 beautiful wallpapers to download for your computer and smartphone).

I cannot thank Shawn from Abundant Mama enough for running The Abundant Mama Project e-course.

She’s a mum who keeps it real. She has a passion for ‘bringing the sweet’ into other Mama’s lives. To encourage and build them up, to feel joy, to smile, to play. And in turn does the same for each Mama’s family.

I have participated twice in the Abundant Mama Project and hope to participate again in the e-course starting on January 20.

This last course with Shawn was AMAZING!

It was so good to connect with other Mamas wanting the same thing. Even though we are coming from different situations, countries and parenting stages, The Abundant Mama Project was able to carry us all.

I felt safe to share and talk about issues with raising my children and even when Triple T Dad ticked me off he got a mention!

It was also fantastic to share the good stuff and encourage other Mamas when they found the ‘sweet’.

Shawn helps Mamas to find parenting joy through a practice of daily gratitude writing, fun challenges and some great tools to take away from the course.

As I step out into 2014 I look around my home and I think of the mantra Shawn gave us “I am doing my absolute best and that’s all I can ever try to do”.

And there has definitely been a positive impact in our home…from the mouths of babes…

In Chook’s words: “Be kind. Be smart and be happy”. And if you can’t be happy because your angry “Be happy angry”!

So join me and many other Mamas from around the world in the upcoming Abundant Mama e-course where we journey together in finding our parenting joy through a daily practice of gratitude and acceptance. Bring a friend.

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