My Word For 2015: THRIVE

In a past life I used to follow Fly Lady and each year she would announce a new word to strive towards for the coming year. But it wasn’t until I came across Ali Edwards that I fully appreciated the power of choosing one word to focus on for the year and this year I am ready to embrace it!

I like the concept of one word instead of a whole bunch of resolutions that may or may not happen. I like that I can reflect on my word at any given moment and ask “How does this measure up against my word?” I like that by living my word decision making suddenly becomes so much easier!

thrive today

It’s funny how these words come to you.

Mine popped up in my Instagram feed!

And since that brief moment the word THRIVE has been tugging at me.

(Edit: I just discovered Ali Edwards word for 2014 was THRIVE too. Great minds, haha).

Play. Create. Learn.


THRIVE wants to be the word that will describe 2015.

Its meaning resounds within my soul.

soul heart

In 2015 I want to THRIVE. I have made the decision to continue to part-time Montessori/Reggio/Waldorf home school and take advantage of the two kindergarten days available at the local school, as my mental health days. To only take on as much as I can handle. To implement healthy lifestyle changes. To implement 21 day habit changes. To simplify. To create and sell my handmade cards. To blog quality posts.

thrive tomorrow

In 2015 I want my kids to THRIVE. It’s going to be a big year around here. My eldest is completing his last year of education. Chook is entering full-time Pre-Primary (he’s five). And the twins are starting two full days of Kindergarten (Preschool, their 4). Ooffa will go from strength to strength with his specialist appointments. This is the year Strawberry will form new friendships with a lovely group of girls. This is the year Chook will increase his academic skills, strengthen his friendships and gain a whole new world of independence. This is the year Aidan gets his drivers licence, finishes school and stretches his wings beyond the comforts of our home.

I love a new year! I love its freshness, the chance to start over. New beginnings.

What would your word for 2015 be?

Yours in play,

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