Name Activities For Preschoolers

Name activities are essential letter learning experiences that are available to the children at all times. When children start learning letters the very best place to start is their names, so as we focus on a letter each week we also learn the letters in our name and make the biggest deal of any names that begin with our letter of the week!

Recognition of their name is one of the very first stages of letter learning for preschoolers. It will usually involve recognising the shape of the initial letter of their name and be followed by “That’s my name!” whenever they see the initial letter around them. So much fun!

5 Name Activities For Preschoolers

Clothespin Names

One of the first experiences to offer your preschooler is to practice matching the letters of their name. This simple activity can be made with a name label, some clothespins and a marker or letter stickers. I love this activity for the fine motor practice and the one-to-one correspondence.
Name Activity - Pegs

Magnetic Letters

The next activity is matching magnet letters to the letters of their name.
Name Activity - Magnets

Fairy Stone Letters

Fairy stones with letters written on them is another simple name activity.
Name Activity - Fairy Stones

Wooden Disc Letters

Wooden branch circles with letters written on them provide another name letter matching activity.
Name Activity - Wood

Foam Letters

I left this activity until last as it provides more of a challenge due to the matching of capital letters to the name label. Providing a name label using all capitals would reduce the challenge for your preschooler.
Name Activity - Foam letters
These were very quick to put together and I have them stored in a plastic zip-loc bag near to our activity tables so the children can access them at any time.
Do you see one of your favourite activities for learning names? Let me know what you have tried in the comments below.

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