Organising School Papers and Art Work

How can we store all that paper work that kids bring home from school? Art work? Home work? Newsletters? Forms? How do we keep them so we can find them when we need them? Well, here’s how I am keeping on top of the school clutter creep with our organising school papers system!

I have an A3 sized two drawer organiser that I have labeled School Notes on one drawer and Art Work on the other drawer. I love the A3 size as it is perfect for the art work that is often brought home in the early years.

Organising school papers and art work

Make it a habit for organising school papers

Every afternoon when the kids come home from school we follow our afternoon rhythm, beginning with shoes off at the gate and into the house. First stop is delivering lunch boxes onto the kitchen bench. Next stop is our homework station where they deliver school notes etc into the appropriate drawer and art work into the other drawer.

Homework Station

Homework folders, readers and library books are then stored in a magazine holder labeled with their name. As we also part-time home school this is where some of our Learning At Home materials are kept.

Organise school papers and art work

The final step of the rhythm is to deliver their bags to the bag hooks at the front door.

Schedule organising school papers in

This system is only as good as how it is used. The rhythm allows the copious amounts of paperwork to get stored neatly and together, but you need to organise time over the afternoon or evening to get to the drawers and deal with the paperwork. While the kids are eating afternoon tea, I take this time to go through the school notes, transfer important dates to the calendar, sign notes and recycle the rest. Signed notes or forms are then placed into the relevant child’s homework holder to ensure it is returned to school and to the right teacher. I also go through the art work with the kids and we place favourite pieces into our display frames.

This system has had a great impact on keeping the kitchen bench clear of clutter. It has also put a stop to the 8am panic when a child informs you that it’s Pioneer Day and you’re on sweets!

I hope this helps when organising school papers in your home!

Please share your school organisation ideas in the comments below or tag me on Instagram. I would love to see what your family does!

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