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Why is it that every time our youngsters utter the words “I NEED a drink, please” we will always have our hands full. Looking after our littles keeps us really busy and I am all for delegating, especially if the task is going to benefit our little ones and give them a wonderful sense of accomplishment and pride. Our win-win solution would have to be setting up a drink station.

A drink station for two, three and four-year olds is a wonderful introduction to self-care and independence. It is a great way to introduce the snack station as this a natural area to place the water jug.
Montessori inspired drink station
The children are provided with a water jug partially filled with water. It needs to be light enough for the child to be able to pour and (initially) only enough water to fill their cup. As the children develop their understanding of quantity and capacity through lots of hands on activities, the amount in the jug can be increased.
Montessori inspired drink station
We have provided plastic cups and presented it all on a mat which will serve to catch any spills. In a family setting these can be glasses, which is great for teaching children care of objects. Don’t stress about breakages, they will happen but your child will learn about taking due care and in time, broken glass will be a thing of the past! Also, expect to receive lots of glasses of water! On our introduction there was lots of filling cups and offering them to each other, because the filling is way more interesting than drinking right now!

The essence of independence is to be able to do something for one’s self.

Maria Montessori

Children are introduced to this area as an independent self-serve area but as the year progresses, we will have a daily drink helper who will pour water at snack time for each child. This is a wonderful part of our grace and courtesy curriculum.
Montessori inspired drink station
To ensure that children are only drinking from their cup, we have colour coded each cup to a child and a washing up station is introduced.
If you are thinking of introducing some self-care experiences into your home, introducing a drink station might be a great place to start for your family! I’d love to see what you do. Just tag playfulmatters on Instagram, I’ll be sure to stop by x
Yours in play,

Montessori inspired drink station
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