Our Weekly Play

A weekly snippet of our play, creating and learning over the week.

A Montessori child in their home environment. Be prepared for independent kids, that know what they want and how to do it for themselves!
20140615-010644-4004149.jpgThe only way to eat one’s self-made breakfast!
20140615-010644-4004531.jpgReally loving focusing for an entire month on one type of craft. I have wanted to up-cycle this top for months, to cover up a stain on the front. I am really happy with the final product. I’ll be able to wear it on a warmer day!
20140615-010644-4004951.jpg Last months Unity Kit of The Month arrived (Hey Girl) and contained THE perfect stamp for my besties birthday card. TWO days before her birthday! I used inspiration from Rachel Kleinman of rwkrafts.com to create this beautiful card for her. I also used a stamp from my favourite Phyllis Harris set ‘Soar’.
20140615-010646-4006540.jpgThere was a house contents sale across the road yesterday. Here’s a look at a few of my finds AND how I was inspired to organise my kids space.
20140615-010645-4005473.jpgI bought these little shelves and placed them at the end of Strawberry’s bed to create a sweet little girly nick nack ‘special’ space for her.
20140615-010645-4005888.jpgI bought two more shelves and lay them on their sides to create a space to put kids bed linen on top of the shelf. I haven’t decided what to put in the hobby boxes but I do know whatever it is, it will have to encourage quiet play.
20140615-010646-4006298.jpgSomething for me. This mirror allows me to drape my owl lights and hang jewellery off it.

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To play. To create. To learn.

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