Exploring: Our Weekly Play Rhythm

A week’s worth of activities for your children with Playful Matters Weekly Play Rhythm

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Monday is Story Day

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We read Hairy Charlie and the Pumpkin by Jackie French. Lots of inspiring things to do with all the pumpkins we have harvested!

Tuesday is Play Day

Open ended play with blocks

Exploring: Our Weekly Play Rhythm

Wednesday is Create Day

Straw painted rainbow craft. {“Thanks!” Keeper of the Cheerios}


Thursday is Discovery Day

Explore pumpkins and make Pumpkin Soup

Exploring: Our Weekly Play Rhythm

Friday is Learn Day

Plank board ABCs {“Thanks!” 3 Dinosaurs}


Saturday is Game Day

Letter sounds alphabet game {“Thanks!” Mom Inspired Life}


Sunday is Family Day

We found a mountain bike track that runs through the bush around West Beach Rock. We followed a very rocky and at times steep path and ended up on West Beach for some fun play in and around the dunes 🙂

Exploring: Our Weekly Play Rhythm

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