Overwhelm Brainstorm

Overwhelm Brainstorm

I have decided I would rather do a few things well and have clear goals than try to do a hundred things at once, have no direction, be stressed out, exhausted, and lacking in passion for what I am doing. I recently wrote about this in Losing My Direction.

If you aren’t clear on your priorities as a wife, mother and individual it is likely that you will become frustrated, overwhelmed and feel like your daily schedule/life is controlling you rather than vice versa. Unless you set and resolve to live by your own priorities and not someone elses expectations, you’ll end up wearing yourself out. Susan, The Confident Mom.

I sat down one afternoon with a big sheet of paper and wrote ‘Me’ in the middle of it. I then listed every possible thing I could think of that I do or desire to do.
Overwhelm Brainstorm
No wonder it feels like my to-do list is never ending!

I need to make some tough decisions and I think the first port of call is highlighting the priorities of my life.

But from all of these how can I determine what my priorities are, when so many of them tug at my heart?

First of all I need to define what is truly important and I can only do that by identifying what my roles are in this life.

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, Christian, friend, teacher and an individual.

You may share these roles.

What is truly important to me in this ‘season’ of my life?

My roles as a wife, mother, homemaker and an individual.

Yours will be different to mine, depending on your ‘season’.

What will lead me towards where/who I want to be?

Reading The Art of Simple post about simple living priorities I had a real light bulb moment when she stated priorities align with your responsibilities. In my current ‘season’ my roles are certainly my responsibilities. My husband is the main breadwinner and he works long hours to provide for our family. My role as a wife in this season is to support him in his work.

Out of our four children, three are at home with me everyday. This is my season right now.

As we are on one income my role as homemaker includes home cooked meals and snacks to reduce spending. Organising the home to keep it tidy and manageable with four growing children.

It is important in this season to be responsible for my wellbeing. Making sure I am taking time for myself, caring for my own needs for rest, exercise and spiritual renewal.

After identifying what is truly important I have felt a shift in my thought patterns. My thoughts have become focused on my four roles and on meeting the important issues. I think the next step would be to re-examine our daily rhythm.

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  1. I love this post, and this seems like a very helpful exercise. I once wrote a “mission statement” which included my four main roles in life – need to look back on that 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing.

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