Seeking Direction

Finding Joy in Parenting

Uh oh.

It’s happening again!

A kid free day and I froze!


My mind was swirling with thoughts and ideas.

Sometimes I really frustrate myself!

Like a butterfly I flutter here and I flutter there, amongst my thoughts.

I can’t settle on just one thought, or one objective, off I go…

My biggest problem with overwhelm is my ‘start over’ behaviour.

When the twins were babies it was my go-to coping strategy and it worked…then…

As I chase my thoughts around, time marches on and before I know it, it is time to pick up kids from school, get the dinner on and my time is gone, little achieved.

I cycle like this. I want to break the cycle and I think it comes down to direction.

I want direction in my day, I NEED direction in my day…

Aimlessly wandering through this life…

When I became a stay at home Mum, my number one priority was to live with joy. I soon discovered that joy just doesn’t happen. It is not a case of you are joyful or not, it is a choice. Not that anyone would ever choose to not have joy but to feel and experience joy is a choice, otherwise there’s just life.

Finding Joy in Parenting

As I raised my babies I wondered when the joy would start. Where’s the fun? This is so hard!

It was not until I fell into the fog of depression that I realised I need to work to bring joy into our lives. And so Parenting with Joy was born.

Direction is needed!

Always seeking direction from others, when I need to trust myself and guide myself.

Direction from others is faster…but more fleeting. Direction from yourself is deeper, longer lasting…

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