How Parents Can Make Holiday Reading Fun!

Parents can help their children to maintain their reading skills by practicing reading for enjoyment. Children need free time in the holidays to relax and enjoy being a kid and reading should be part of the fun! School holidays doesn’t have to be a break from learning. Many students can experience a loss of reading skills over an extended break from school, but children who continue to read gain skills!

Reading develops and builds thinking and language skills and isn’t too difficult for families to continue throughout the school break.

Tips To Make Holiday Reading Fun!

Keep a family or holiday scrapbook.
Collect reminders of holiday activities such as event tickets, postcards, photographs and leaflets. Have children stick them into a scrapbook and take turns as a family to suggest and write descriptions or comments about the activities. Set aside some time to look back through the collection and read the entries.

Read aloud with your child every day and encourage them to read aloud to you.

Check out these fun Tips For Making Holiday Reading Fun!


Use recorded books. Great for our youngest family members.

Encourage older children to use a map or street directory. Provide an opportunity to be the navigator by practicing the route at home, before setting off on the trip. Add these maps to your scrapbook!

Set an example.
Have reading materials readily available and allocate a reading time where everyone reads something.

Check out these fun Tips For Making Holiday Reading Fun!

Read the same book as your child.
Encourage your child to select a book and talk about features, the storyline, their predictions, etc. Then read it together.

Make it fun!
Read a specially chosen book in a different setting. At the beach, at the park, in your backyard, in the cubby house!

Check out these fun Tips For Making Holiday Reading Fun!

Write and receive letters.
Have a supply of writing paper, stamped addressed envelopes and write letters to far away friends or family. Children could also use email.

Visit the library regularly.
Our local library has wonderful school holiday activities planned for the children. Maybe your library has a holiday book club or planned holiday activities too.

Read and discuss environmental print.
Signs, billboards, displays, advertising…While you’re out and about look for these and bring attention to them.

Check out these fun Tips For Making Holiday Reading Fun!

Visit the newsagent.
Allow your child to select an interest based magazine for themselves, while you purchase the newspaper. When you get home share and view the contents of both. Be ready to discuss ideas about the content!

What reading activities have you tried during the holidays? Please share your tips!

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