Playful June: Our Weekly Play Rhythm

In a world full of noise “Do this, do that”, click bait titles, glamorous images, smiling, happy children playing with the latest craze it is easy to get overwhelmed by it all. Playful Matters is about less, finding space, simple moments, using what’s around us already, most importantly, Playful Matters is about children and what childhood should be about.

If you’re part of the Playful Matters Community it is because you are also passionate about play. Simple, natural play. At Playful Matters in June it is a time to refocus, rethink and re-evaluate that we are still holding the space for our children with simple play. Will you join me this month in a special challenge Playful June Simple Moments?

Playful June Play Challenge

How to join Playful June

Join in with the play ideas on Playful Matters

Each day in June there is one suggested Simple Moment play prompt. I’m inviting you to join in and explore the idea with your own children.

Share with the Playful June Community

My favourite place to hang out online is over on Instagram @PLAYFULMATTERS. There are hundreds of like-minded mums, teachers and childcare professionals who gather there to share their simple playful ideas. So – will you come and join us? Hop on through and say hello. Tell us about your children. And stick with us through the month (and beyond) and share the simple play you’re enjoying with your children. Tag your photos with #playfuljune

I would also love to have you over on the Playful Matters Facebook Page. It is here that you will find the daily prompts.

Let’s get started!

A week’s worth of activities for your children with Playful Matters Weekly Play Rhythm

If you’d like to receive your FREE Weekly Play Rhythm by email, just sign up below. The Weekly Rhythm will arrive on Sundays with activities we have been doing, plus additional activity tips and resources that I like to share.

Monday is Joke Day

Playful June - Joke Day

Check out these 35 sillies from Kids Activities Blog to get you started!

Tuesday is Messy Play Day

Playful June - Shaving Cream Fun

An invitation to play with shaving cream for a group of children.

Wednesday is Treasure Hunt Day

Playful June - Colour Scavenger Hunt for Preschoolers

The Imagination Tree has a lovely colour scavenger hunt activity happening in her home!

Thursday is Create Day

Playful June - Create

Lie your child down on a large sheet of paper and draw around them. Get out a whole bunch of craft supplies and decorate!

Friday is Baking Day

Plauyful June - Baking Day Banana Cake

Bake a delicious banana cake today!

Saturday is Dress Up Day

Playful June - Dress Up Day

Click here for a no sew tutorial.

Click here for a Reversible Superhero Cape Tutorial.

Sunday is Make Music Day

Playful June - Music Making Day

Create some homemade instruments. Here’s our Castanet Tutorial to get you started.

Join us at playfulmatters on instagram, for more Weekly Play Rhythm ideas and activities.

Yours in play,

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