Preschool Planning: Laying the Foundation for 2017

I am deep into my Preschool Planning for 2017 and to help me plan out an entire year I have been following Curriculum Blueprint: A Map to a Wonderous Year. This is a four module course offered over at the Teaching Mastery Institute via Fairy Dust Teaching and hosted by Sally Haugh. Sally is an inspiration and she has created an amazing course that takes you through creating a curriculum map step by step for an entire year!

Last year I opened my home-based Montessori/Reggio-inspired Preschool and in the first few weeks I kind of muddled around with planners until I found something that worked for me. My preschool planning consisted of me sitting down every Sunday to plan for the next week. I love planning so it wasn’t a huge deal but I missed having a big picture, but I really wasn’t sure how to do that in a Reggio-inspired environment. So I was really keen to get into this course to learn more about that and to hash out some long-term planning.

Sally guides you each step of the way with wonderful video content, full of inspiration, that is research based and great examples of it in action. Although she provides templates Sally asks you to take what you’ve learnt and apply it to your context, making this course relevant to every teaching situation, from home schooling mums to specialist teachers.

Curriculum Blueprint has helped me beyond measure in creating a Reggio/Montessori inspired curriculum for Playful Matters Preschool.

The following is a taste of what you can expect from Sally’s course. So, if you have been on the fence about whether or not to purchase this course, this will be a great sneak peek to the contents inside {smile}.

Identify teaching values

Preschool Planning: 2017 Teaching Values

Inspired purpose and mantra

Let curiosity be my guide

My inspired purpose is to inspire children to question, investigate and create. To see learning as a life long adventure full of wonder and joy.

2017 Teaching Goals

  • implement provocations and investigations into our program
  • create an inviting learning/play space where curiosity is sparked
  • improve my documentation of children’s activity
  • trust myself that my knowledge base is enough
  • reflect on a daily basis

Implement daily reflection

  1. What joyful moments did I have?
  2. Did I meet the children where they are?
  3. What would I do differently?
  4. Did I stay present?
  5. Were we curious today?

Preschool Planning: 2017 Inspired purpose

The teacher is the true curriculum

As you plan for the school year ahead discover your inspired purpose and let it guide you in your planning and teaching! For me, this has been ground breaking!

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