Rainbow Balloon Colour Matching

Today I am sharing an easy activity for teaching colours and building fine motor skills. Matching games are an easy way to help kids learn colour words. I put together this quick rainbow balloon colour matching activity as a fun way for preschoolers to learn their colours. I love that it is compact and obvious enough to also be an independent activity.

Rainbow balloon colour matching

Here’s how to make the Rainbow Balloon Colour Matching Activity

What you’ll need…

  • paint chip samples
  • pegs or clothespins
  • scissors
  • a fun paper punch
  • glue

What you do…

  1. Decide on the colours that you would like to use for this activity. I chose the colours of the rainbow, plus black, brown and white.
  2. I used a balloon shaped paper punch for fun shapes to glue onto a strip of card and onto the pegs. Paper punching is also a great whole hand motor activity for preschoolers too!
  3. Glue one set of balloons to a strip of white card in order of the rainbow.
  4. Glue the second set of balloons to the bottom of the clothespins.

Invitation to learn

Present the clothespins in a small container, next to the rainbow strip. You might need to show your preschooler how to open the clothespin.
Rainbow balloon colour matching
Look at those fine motor skills hard at work!

Rainbow balloon colour matching

Extend this activity by writing the colour word on the balloon clothespin.

Extend this even further by creating new clothespins with only the colour word, written in its colour.

Finally, extend with clothespins that have the word written using black ink.
Rainbow balloon colour matching

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