Salt Dough Halloween Ornaments

Halloween isn’t really celebrated in Australia, but this year we have decided to start our own Halloween traditions. Triple T Dad is Scottish and we often have fun conversations about his childhood memories of Halloween in Scotland. We thought it would be fun to start ‘holding Halloween’ at our place, to honor Triple T Dad’s heritage and add to our own family celebrations.

Creating With Salt Dough Develops:

    • Fine motor skills through molding the dough, rolling it out, grasping and placement of the cutters.
    • Language development through making the salt dough and then discussing what cutter they are going to use, where they are going to place it on the rolled out dough.
    • Cognitive learning – counting how many shapes they have cut out, change from soft dough to hard when cooked, colour learning.
    • Social skills such as sharing is developed through doing this activity with others. Helping to clean up when the activity is over.
    • Emotional skills such as perseverance and feelings of success can be encouraged through this activity. Develop assertive skills by encouraging your child to say “I am using this paint right now, but when I am finished I will give it to you.”

I found these gorgeous cookie cutters at the local charity shop!
Salt Dough Halloween OrnamentsWe want some Halloween hanging ornaments so I made up some salt dough using this really easy recipe.

1 cup of salt

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of warm water

Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl and knead with your hands until smooth and no longer gritty.

Then using our ‘new’ cutters we cut out several fun Halloween shapes.

Salt Dough Halloween OrnamentsWe then poked holes through them and popped them into the oven at a low heat (120 degrees) until they were hard and dry (about an hour and a half).

Once dry the kids got busy with painting them in Halloween colours of black and orange.

Salt Dough Halloween OrnamentsSalt Dough Halloween OrnamentsSalt Dough Halloween OrnamentsSimplify this activity by adding food colouring to the dough when making it.
Extend this activity by supplying extra craft materials, such as glitter, pom poms, sequins, etc.

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