Sandpit Volcanoes

Sandpit Volcano 4

Recently Chook and I created a volcano in our sandpit! This would have to be THE easiest volcano I have ever made. It is a great way to do this classic kids science project with your kids. By adding dinosaurs to the sandpit you could create a prehistoric invitation to play. I was just too excited about the prospect of doing this activity with my kids that I didn’t bother with setting up a play scene!

Montessori inspired – Practical life: Pouring

Sandpit Volcano 3

{you will need…}

-Bicarbonate Soda

-White vinegar

-Red food colouring

-Small drink cup

-Small jug or cup


 {what you do…}

Make sure the sand is damp so you can create a volcano shaped mound. Make hole in the centre at the top of the volcano with the small drink cup, until the rim of the cup sits in line with the top of the hole.

1. Place a couple of teaspoons of bicarbonate soda in the small drink cup.

2. Pour some vinegar into the jug or cup and add several drops of red food colouring.

Show your child how to slowly pour the vinegar over the bicarbonate soda and watch the lava flow!

Sandpit Volcano 1

Be prepared to be asked many, many times for a repeat performance!

Young children can be involved by being encouraged to pour the vinegar over the bicarbonate soda. Maintain close supervision.

Sandpit Volcano 2

For repeated reactions, simply empty the small drink cup of the vinegar solution and repeat the above steps.

Doing this experiment in the sandpit meant clean-up was SO easy. The mess simply soaked into the sand!

 Chook is 4.5 years old. Ooffa and Strawberry are 3.

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