Defining Me Time


Thursday is my day for me.

Or more realistically, my errand day and maybe a little bit of me thrown in there.

The littlies go to daycare so that shopping can get done, appointments attended, uninterrupted phone calls made and maybe, just maybe some craft, cooking or cleaning.

Except at the end of the day I feel like all I have done is run around.

A lot is achieved, which is brilliant for the running of the family home but where is my time?

Maybe I am looking at ‘me’ time in the wrong way?

What activities are involved in ‘me’ time?

Is going to the physio or shopping for the kids at Target ‘me’ time?

Is shopping for a pair of block out curtains for my bedroom ‘me’ time?

Is being able to run around and do these things without the kids ‘me’ time?

I just don’t think they qualify!

I define ‘me time’ as an activity that a person does for their own enjoyment.

Google defines ‘me time as:

time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.

Calm 3

One of my favourite bloggers Shawn Fink of Abundant Mama defines ‘me time’ as self-care time.

Self-care time is:

making time that’s just for you, to create more energy; to be more clear about what kind of life you want to live.

Self Care 2
For me that time would be scrap booking, blogging, cross stitch, sewing, craft or baking. And early morning walks. And just time to think, plan and dream.

When we were a family of three I used to be so good at ‘me time’. Now we are a family of six, with 3 under 3 years of age, there is always something that needs doing.

I miss it.

Do we Mamas need ‘me time’ on a daily basis?

When the children are napping is that enough ‘me time’?

How often do you make time for yourself?

2 comments on “Defining Me Time

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  2. Me time…ahhh. I think life is me time before we are married – & after that it is us time. When we become mamas our life is theirs, and that is not a bad thing. Me time can be a lie…not that we don’t all need refreshment or renewal or rest or time to do something we just want to do (without interruptions!). But the Enemy wants us to believe that we must have it to retain our individuality or something when in reality as mothers we have given our lives to discipling our children. The day I have in town w/ just our 6 year old for her violin lesson is my new ‘me time’, running errands & maybe stopping for ice cream or coffee. I catch little snippets at nap time & after they are in bed. But after reading the encouragement about this in publications like Above Rubies, I am encouraged that this is my mission in life right now, a season as a mother of small (& actually nearly grown!) children. I don’t want to put all of me to the side – we must grow – but in this role I think. I’m rambling but hope it gives an idea where I’m coming from. We are a family of 6 going on 7, homeschooling all & I feel where you’re at :0) Blessings!

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