Sensory Alphabet Box Activities – Letter T

All our sensory alphabet box activities combine activities that involve children in activities that require them to see, hear and do.

Sensory Alphabet Box

At the beginning of each week the children come onto our mat very excited to see what letter is in the sensory alphabet box! We begin with one of the children putting their hand in the box and without looking they bring an object out of the box. “What is it?” I ask and the children label the object. “What sound does it start with?” I enquire, seeing if any of our little friends can isolate the sound yet.

“T…t…t…teddy. Teddy begins with the sound t!”

I lift the lid and reveal the letters that are stuck on the lid. I place this on the floor for now.

Sensory Alphabet Box

One by one we look at the objects and label them while I emphasise the beginning sound.

Sensory Alphabet Box

We sing the letter sound song to the tune of ‘Skip to my lou’.

Tigers are tiptoeing, t…t…t

Tigers are tiptoeing, t…t…t

Tigers are tiptoeing, t…t…t

That’s today’s letter

We look at the sandpaper letter and take turns to use our fingers to trace the shape.

Then we play our I-spy game.

Finally we finish our mat session with an outline of our available letter exploring activities:

  • Loose parts at the light table.
  • Letters in the play dough.
  • Letter sound box.

Because our focus is to only introduce and expose the letter to the children at this stage, I don’t spend all week on it. It is simply the main focus of our Monday mat session. The newly introduced letter and other focus letters are available at all times. There are too many amazing opportunities to learn about letters to only focus on one each week!

Learning and the senses – See, Hear, Do
Sensory Alphabet Box

See – objects, sandpaper letter, letter cookie cutter, letter stamps, I-spy game, light table letter, letters in the play dough, letter sound box

Hear – labelling, letter sound song, I-spy game

Do – tracing sandpaper letter, light table letter with loose parts, make letters with the playdough, sorting the letter sound box
Sensory Alphabet Box

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