Sensory Mermaid Lagoon

Project Provocation: Sensory Mermaid Lagoon

Today I want to share with you a simple sensory mermaid lagoon provocation.I know how overwhelming it can be to think of new ideas for provocations. That’s why I started Project Provocation: Intentional Invitations to Explore. You can find all of our simple provocations here.

Sensory Mermaid Lagoon

{what you need…}

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Natural items found at the beach
Water beads
Fun ocean toys
Scoops and buckets
Sea Glass

{let’s begin…}

  • Find a tub, bucket or container of a suitable size that will allow your child to access and move the items around.
  • Fill the container with the main sensory medium (rice, split peas, sand, water…).
  • Add glitter, water beads, natural beach finds (such as shells, cuttlefish, driftwood, seaweed, etc) and ocean toys. We had a mermaid and these fun fish shapes. Later, they were joined by pirates and their ship!
  • Provide containers for your child to pour, scoop and put their finds into.

Sensory Mermaid Lagoon

{what you do…}

Most children will not be able to wait to get started at the sensory mermaid lagoon! They will be invited by the colour, the sparkle and the freedom to explore.

For now I just let them explore and discover. I listen as they use the objects to tell stories and reenact their own beach experiences. I observe as they explore the items, some known and some unknown. I help them to wonder why

As they begin to formulate questions and propose new investigations I note their wonderings and I plan how I can extend this provocation.

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Sensory Mermaid Lagoon

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