Sensory Play For St. Patrick’s Day

I love the idea of family traditions. I look forward to times of the year that we can celebrate meaningfully and create excited expectation in our children.

My husband and I love St. Patrick’s Day. Especially the adult version! However, it is going to be some time before we can fully take part in the adult celebrations so I think we need to bring in some fun with the kids to keep the day alive for us.

For a bit of fun I created these Leprechaun Finger Puppets from felt and a small piece of orange pipe cleaner.
Sensory play 9The next thing we knew we received a letter from the Leprechauns inviting us on a treasure hunt for the colour green!

Sensory Play 1
Sensory play 2
Sensory play 3Sensory play 4
The Leprechaun’s played along too!

Look at all the green things we found!

Sensory play 5
Sensory play 6
Sensory play 8
Sensory play 7

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