Shaving Cream Activity With A Multi-age Group of Kids

We love exploring with a variety of materials and one of our favourites is shaving cream. Organising a shaving cream activity with a group of multi age kids requires a little pre-oraganisation before the fun can begin. I like to set up our shaving cream activity outside on our back lawn. Messy play cleanup is so much easier when it involves a hose!

This Shaving Cream Activity develops:

  • Fine motor skills as they search and grasp the objects.
  • Language development through talking about the activity and labelling objects, colours, how does the shaving cream feel, smell, taste (see note below).
  • Cognitive learning – mixing water and shaving cream changes how it feels, using the senses to explore.
  • Social – learning to play and sharing with others.
  • Emotional development through feeling safe to try new things.Shaving Cream Activity 1

Prior to the kids playtime I set up an invitation to play by hiding some sea creatures in the shaving foam.Shaving Cream Activity 2Learning to share with others.Shaving Cream Activity 3Helping others feel safe by encouraging them to join in.Shaving Cream Activity 4Here you can see Strawberry having a taste of the shaving cream. Babies learn through their senses and it is inevitable they are going to taste something you don’t want them to. I immediately helped Strawberry to identify that the taste was yucky and we washed the shaving cream away from her mouth.

Ooffa enjoyed exploring what happens when you drop sea creatures into the bucket then tipping it out and repeat…Shaving Cream Activity 5

Messy play is great fun! Keep a wet cloth on standby for cleaning up messy faces.Shaving Cream Activity 6Washing the sea creatures in the foamy water is great fun. Tipping it all out and splashing is even more fun!

Shaving Cream Activity 7

Simplify this activity by squirting shaving cream on a tray, table or shallow container and letting your child explore with their senses.

Extend this activityby adding food colouring.

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