Snowflake Unit

Fun Ideas for a Snowflake Unit Study

Kids everywhere love to learn about snow, so even though it’s Summer down here in the Southern Hemisphere this topic is sure to cool things down a bit! If you would like to bring a bit of sparkle to the kids, this Snowflake Unit will give you some great ideas!
Snowflake Unit

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Circle Time

Sing “Twirling Snowflakes” (Tune: Are You Sleeping?)

Twirling snowflakes, twirling snowflakes

In the air, in the air

Whirling, twirling snowflakes, whirling twirling snowflakes

Here and there, here and there

Story time

Fine Motor

Make Paper Snowflakes (My Big Fat Happy Life)

Gross Motor

While singing the circle time song, children spin and twirl like a falling snowflake.

Nature Study

Take a winter walk to look for signs of winter and hopefully catch a snowflake (if you are lucky enough to live where there is snow).

Read The Magic School Bus Kicks Up A Storm or watch the DVD.


Snowflake Sensory Bin (3 Dinosaurs)

Snowflake Sensory Bag (B-Inspired Mama)


Winter Diorama (Dabblingmomma)

Cotton Swab Snowflake Craft (B-Inspired Mama)

Montessori Inspired Snowflake Activities

Snowflake Maths (To The Lesson)

Snowflake Matching Work (Chasing Cheerios) Snowflake Printable Matching Cards

Snowflake Step Drawing (Montessori Design)

Snowflake Sparkle Art (Making Montessori Ours)

Flipping Snowflakes (Discovery Moments)

Snowflake Size Sorting Printable (Welcome To Mommyhood)

Snowflake Tweezer Transfer (Carrots Are Orange)

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