A Sorry Tale of Our Cardboard Playhouse

“Wow! A house of our own! Awesome!” The kids exclaimed.
I had wanted to build this cardboard playhouse out of sight of the kids but as fate would dictate I needed to pull out a rainy day activity and I needed it now!
I was a little worried about putting the house together when I unpacked several large sheets of cardboard and three very excited kids bouncing around me. But it was actually really easy to assemble and even with kids pushing and opening flaps I managed to put it together.
Now, you don’t need glue, tape or any tools but I decided for extra sturdiness, and hopefully extend the life of the thing, to reinforce the joins with masking tape.
And here it is ready for the kids to take over.
I love that it is a blank canvas.
I had such grand plans…
We began our decorating with an invitation to paint.
The invitation included paint pens, rollers, paint brushes and large tubs of paint.
The kids loved decorating their house and soon there were wonderful designs appearing both inside and outside of the house!
We set the playhouse in our large outdoor patio area, which gave the kids space and area to decorate to their hearts content…
…this may have been the undoing of our playhouse. Stay tuned for part 2!

I’d love to hear your sorry tales! Share your tale or leave a link in the comments 🙂

Yours in play,

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