15 Ways To Support Your Child’s Learning At Preschool

After several requests from parents here’s 15 ways you can support your child’s learning at preschool. There are many more that I haven’t listed here today, so enjoy these ideas and I’ll post more soon!

Support Your Child's Learning At Preschool

At Playful Matters we begin the year with Practical Life and Sensorial materials. We advise parents against purchasing Montessori materials that mirror what children are using in the classroom. Not only can the materials be costly but also your child may be uninterested by the same materials at home. Children are excited by and enjoy what has been prepared for them at preschool, they feel that the materials are special for them alone and relish that this is the work that they do when they are at ‘school’.

15 ways you can support your child’s learning at preschool

Practical Life

At Playful Matters it is our goal to help each child become self-sufficient and be able to interact with the preschool environment independently. To encourage your child’s independent self-help skills and to use the toilet independently, we recommend clothing that the child can take on and off by themselves.

At home you can set up an area that allows children to choose their own appropriate clothing and shoes for preschool. Encourage your child to dress themselves each morning. Make it part of an evening/morning routine where they are actively involved.

At Playful Matters we have brooms, dust pans and brushes, cleaning cloths and small buckets readily available for the children’s use. Consider having these items readily available at home. Encourage your child to use these tools and work beside them whenever they show interest. When-ever you see an opportunity, encourage your child to have-a-go.


Books and reading with you are essential. Create opportunities for your child to choose a book to ‘read’. Your child’s choice of books may guide you in what they are interested in. Use their interest to set up one structured activity to explore at home. Observe your child’s activity choices at Preschool and have a chat with your child’s educator about activities you can do at home to deepen your child’s understandings.


Invest in construction type toys, such as blocks, Lego, Zoobs, which are wonderful materials to have available in the home.

Playful Learning

Other activities that you can set up for your child are:

  • Preparing snacks, grating, using a peeler, cutting
  • Scavenger hunts around the home, in the back yard, on a nature walk
  • Collecting natural items on a nature walk to explore at home
  • Pressing flowers
  • Encouraging your child to take risks on equipment at the playground
  • Setting the dinner table
  • Planting a vegetable garden
  • Big art

Read our post on Montessori Home Spaces. See how our space has evolved from when Chook and the twins were Preschoolers to how it looks today!

Support Your Child At Preschhol

It is just as important to ‘hang-out’ at home too! Your child will be quite stimulated at preschool by lots of activity, social interactions and being away from home, allow for unstructured time with you. It is more than okay if your child doesn’t want to do anything when they get home, their minds will often be busy decompressing the day. Let your child guide what activity they want to do.

I hope you find these tips on how to support your child’s learning at preschool useful.

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6 comments on “15 Ways To Support Your Child’s Learning At Preschool

  1. My husband and I are going to put our daughter into preschool this year, so I really appreciate this information on how to help them succeed. I like the idea you give to let your child choose a book to read, and then actually read the book with them. I imagine that in order for all of these tips to be the most successful, it will be crucial that we find a preschool that has good recommendations from former students and parents. Thanks for sharing this information!

    • It is also recommended that you visit the Preschools you are considering to meet the teachers, view the classroom and work displayed around the rooms. It is crucial that you find a school and teacher that is the best fit for your child, as research has shown that the relationship between a child and their teacher is the biggest marker of success in the early years of childhood education. All the best for a wonderful start in your child’s educational journey!

  2. Great ideas, I’m sure if I could go back and do the pre school years again I’d be a lot smarter with the at-home environment I set up for my kids. They are quite happy now to spend most of a day around the house simply playing with whatever they find

    • I love how you give them free range with the craft materials, Kate! I find that needs some planning so I don’t end up with a big clean-up at the end đŸ™‚

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