Tactile Play: Our Weekly Play Rhythm

A week’s worth of activities for your children with Playful Matters Weekly Play Rhythm

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Monday is Story Day

Continuing the dinosaur theme from last week with How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?Book of the week

Tuesday is Play Day

Open Ended Block Play Encourages Problem Solving

Tactile Play: Open Ended Block Play

Wednesday is Create Day

Threading Beads Onto Pipe Cleaners

Tactile Play: Threading beads onto pipe cleaners

Thursday is Discovery Day

Dinosaur Castanets

Tactile Play: Dinosaur Castanets

Friday is Learn Day

Hidden Math Learning With Buttons

Tactile Play: Mathematics with Buttons

Saturday is Game Day

Alphabet Activity: Grab and Pull A Letter Load {“Thanks!” Growing Book By Book}

Tactile Play: Growing Book By Book Activity

Sunday is Family Day

We’ve been exploring splashes that rocks make and enjoying the winter sunshine when we can *smile*Tactile Play: Rock Splashing

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