Teaching Kids To Sew: Oven Mitt Project

Teaching Kids To Sew: Oven Mitt ProjectTeaching kids to sew has been a huge craft highlight for me this year. I just love sharing something I love with my kids and they have shown a keen interest in my sewing projects.

When I was little I would watch my mum and Nanna sew. The rhythmic hum as the needle went up and down and the fabric was smoothly fed through the machine. The smell of new cotton fabric and the wondrous possibilities of what it would become.

My Nanna created beautiful quilts. When she passed away I was blessed to receive one of her quilts. Arthritis in my Nanna’s hands made sewing difficult later in life, but the urge to create with fabric was so integral to her well-being, she never stopped, she just slowed down.

My mum loved teaching kids to sew. I was blessed to have first learnt on a foot pedal Singer machine! Oh how I wish we still had that machine in our family.


Image from Museum Victoria

I remember using scrap pieces of fabric to learn and practice the stitches but I was itching to create something and soon moved onto creating clothes for my Barbie doll. I think teaching kids to sew should be project based.

My children have shown a lot of interest in my sewing. The twins are still too young for the sewing machine so we’ll stick with sewing on Mama’s knee, watching and learning through exposure. Chook, however, is ready for some hands on learning.
Teaching Kids To Sew: Oven Mitt Project
Teaching Kids To Sew: Oven Mitt Project
Teaching kids to sew more often than not starts with straight stitch. Hundreds of straight lines will be sewed in ones sewing life, practicing with projects that only use this stitch will give plenty of practice. This Oven Mitt Project, as a first project, is perfect to practice straight lines on because the straight lines are not integral to the make-up of the project.

Chook (5 1/2), Ooffa (4) and Strawberry (4) were invited to sew along the marked lines of the calico with my hands carefully guiding them. I controlled the speed of the machine with the foot pedal. Once the lines were sewn I completed the rest of the project. It is important to remember that not all children are the same and consideration of their age and skills should be kept in mind.

Teaching Kids To Sew: Oven Mitt Project

{you will need…}

Materials for child sized oven mitts

Cut two 30cm x 20cm (12″ x 8″ for those that like imperial measurements) of each:

Cotton print


Wadding or batting

Template for child’s oven mitt

Cut one contrast Fabric 5cm x 40cm (2″ x 15 3/4″) strip for binding.

Materials for adult sized oven mitts

Cut two 35cm x 25cm (14″ x 10″) of each of the above materials.

Cut one contrast Fabric 5cm x 50cm (2″ x 20″) strip for binding.

Enlarge child oven mitt template by 200%

{what you do…}

      1. Mark lines on the calico, approximately 3cm apart or 1″.
      2. Layer cotton print right side down on the table, batting and calico (with lines facing you). Repeat to make a second set.
      3. Pin each set together between the ruled lines and sew along the marked lines.
      4. Press the long strip in half lengthways, wrong sides together. Open up and press the outside raw edges into the centre, then press the fold together one more time. Cut in half to make two binding strips.
      5. Bind the cuff end of each set.
      6. Place the pieces right sides together. Lay the oven mitt template on top and trace around it.
      7. Sew around the marked line, then trim the seam back. Snip along the curves and turn right side out

Teaching Kids To Sew: Oven Mitt Project

Yours in play,

Have you taught a child to use a sewing machine? Any tips or tricks to share?

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  1. Such a cute project to introduce sewing to the kids. My daughter is turning five. I have started of with plastic needles and paper. She needs to trace the lines sewing with wool. I started of with a treadle sewing machine, I really miss it now. It would have been better in control when my daughter starts of.

    Hope my daughter finds happiness in sewing as much as I do.
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