The ABC’s of a Waldorf Mama

I would never label myself as a ‘Waldorf Mama’ with all the trappings, but I am inspired by Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy. I believe the heart of this philosophy is always considering ‘where the child is at’. The philosophy believes in learning through play. It believes in connecting with the natural world. Waldorf education places value in exploring and creating. And most of all, it believes in time, time for children to explore their learning and enhance their understandings. This is the education I want for my children. As I strive towards home schooling my children I have discovered that home schooling is about more than education.

I have compiled a list from A – Z of what I have learned are key features of the Waldorf philosophy. This is by no means a comprehensive list and I am discovering more and more as I continue my journey into home schooling.

This week Playful Matters is joining in with over 50 awesome blogs, in a collaborative project called The ABC’s of…

Triple T Mum ABC's of A Waldorf Mama

Five Informative Posts on Waldorf

Please join us as we explore The ABC’s of a Waldorf Mama over five informative posts.

  • ABC’s of a Waldorf Mama: A – E
  • ABC’s of a Waldorf Mama: F – J
  • ABC’s of a Waldorf Mama: K – O
  • ABC’s of a Waldorf Mama: P – T
  • ABC’s of a Waldorf Mama: U – Z

Thanks to This Reading Mama for bringing us all together. Follow this link to check out the topics and blogs that are participating in this wonderful series.

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