The Hunt is On! Our Weekly Play Rhythm

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Monday is Story Day

The Hunt is On: Our Weekly Play Rhythm

The Bunny Who Found Easter is a really lovely story for children that subtly explores Easter as a time that is celebrated throughout the world, and that even though the setting is in the Northern Hemisphere we still experience the passing of the year through the seasons.

Tuesday is Play Day

5 Ways To Play With Chalk {“Thanks” My Big Fat Happy Life!}

5 Ways To Play With Chalk

Wednesday is Create Day

DIY Garden Buddies – Painted Rocks {“Thanks” Apple Green Cottage!}

DIY Garden Buddies - Painted Rocks

Thursday is Discovery Day

Wind and Kite Preschool Activities {“Thanks” My Bright Firefly!}

Wind and Kite Preschool Activities

Friday is Learn Day

Make Montessori Sandpaper Letters with our FREE printable

Montessori sandpaper letters with FREE printable!

Saturday is Game Day

Hat Matching Printable Cards {“Thanks” Powerful Mothering!}

Hat Matching Printable Cards

Sunday is Family Day

Wishing you peace, love and happiness at Easter

and always.

The Hunt is On: Our Weekly Play Rhythm

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