Thermomix Gluten Free Play Dough

This Thermomix Gluten Free Play Dough is wheat free and gluten free to make it a safe alternative for children with a wheat allergy. When we were eliminating foods from Ooffa’s diet in an effort to discover why he was so ill a while back, I played around with the play dough recipe in the Thermomix Everyday Cookbook to create a gluten free option.

Thermomix Gluten Free Play Dough

I love that this recipe creates a soft and pliable dough. There is no oily residue on your hands after playing with it.

Thermomix Gluten Free Play Dough

250g water

100g salt

1Tbs Cream of tartar

125g rice flour

125g potato starch


20g oil

Put the water, salt, Cream of Tartar and desired colour/essence (if using) into the bowl. Heat for 5 minutes at 60C on speed 3.

After cooking, add rice flour, potato starch, spice (if using) and mix for 40 seconds or until mixture is combined and thick. Allow to cool.

 Thermomix Gluten Free Play Dough

Set dial to closed lid position.

When dough is cool, add the oil and knead for 1-2 minutes on interval speed.

Remove dough from bowl.

Store in an airtight container to keep the dough from hardening.

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