Thrive 2015: Intentions of a Mindful Mama

Well, here we are in the second quarter of the year and I have not posted about my progress with my word of the year. In January I wrote My Word for 2015: THRIVE , reading through it again has filled me again with renewed hope and the excitement of possibilities. Such wonderful intentions for the year ahead and so many changes since!

What I have come to appreciate is that the best of intentions are just that (intentions) unless some kind of plan is put into place.

5 Habits of an Mindful Mama

I stopped setting New Year’s Resolutions a few years ago. I also stopped setting goals and looking beyond the next hour! Raising twins, three children close in age and a teen, really put a spin on things. This Type-A personality crashed and burned within 6 months of the twins birth. My optimistic, over achieving nature could not cope with the immensity of the situation and I wasn’t used to ‘failing’ over and over again in achieving goals I had set for myself.

This year, though, I am ready! I am ready to set some long term goals, break those into weekly goals and be intentional about those goals on a daily basis.

Before I share those yearly goals, though, it is important to remember five key mindful mama habits.

Five Mindful Mama Habits for Intentional Living

1. Accept that you are not failing if you cannot achieve a goal.
2. Some days are not smooth. Some days are not nice. Some days it’s enough that you turned up.
3. Know what you can handle and do just that.
4. Baby steps are still steps in the right direction.
5. Know when you are overwhelmed and take stock.

So, in the spirit of optimism and being intentional with a plan, here are my goals for 2015!

Intentions of a Mindful Mama 2015


To create an organised small home where self sufficiency is aspired to.

  • eliminate processed foods
  • bake our own bread
  • make healthy snack foods
  • buy organic foods where possible
  • eat slow cooked meals 2x a week
  • implement the 31 Day House Cleaning Challenge
  • implement a Weekly Planning Hour every Sunday
  • reduce clutter in our home
  • establish homes for things and put things away
  • organise kids space for play, creating and learning
  • clean, sort and organise the shed


To be knowledgeable in play as learning, Montessori theory, early literacy and maths, apply and share my understandings with my children and blog readers.

  • Research my PD commitment for teacher registration
  • review standards and look at how I am meeting them
  • devise ways of meeting standards not being met
  • check uni emails three times a week when working as a moderator
  • reduce shopping bill to $250AU per week
  • research ways to earn money from the blog
  • set up a small emergency fund of at least one month’s expenses
  • pay off any outstanding medical debt
  • Increase emergency fund to cover to cover three months worth of expenses
  • save to pay cash for our trip to the UK in two years time
  • aggressively work on paying off our mortgage


To create a space that inspires others with children where play is learning and Montessori learning in the natural environment.

  • have set writing days
  • complete Secret Bloggers Business ‘Ready Set Blog’ 1 year Course
  • write and schedule posts one week in advance


To make others around me feel loved, encouraged and cared for.

  • have monthly dates with Steve
  • create a workable activity curriculum and weekly rhythm
  • read Positive Parenting
  • eat dinner as a family at the table most evenings
  • plan special family outings each month
  • phone extended family members each month


To set and achieve goals for health, happiness and success.

  • attend Curves twice a week
  • walk to school everyday (weather permitting)
  • eat four pieces of fruit everyday
  • Read Cyndi O’Meara and implement a new habit every 21 days
  • use exercise ball and yoga on Curve off days
  • go to bed at 9pm
  • wake at 5am for Mama time
  • implement a gratitude habit
  • read 24 books on reading list
  • learn to use camera on manual


To create handmade items that satisfy a need.

  • complete Aidan’s Project Life album up to and including 17
  • complete Chook’s Project Life album up to and including 6
  • complete Ooffa and Strawberry’s Project Life albums up to and including 4
  • create handmade cards
  • create a handmade Christmas
  • create of ‘making for’ list
  • complete Steve’s cross stitch picture

Well, there you go! If you read through that list there’s 48 goals there! I’m not sure if that is too many, but I am confident that they all inspire me to grow, learn and challenge me to accomplish more than I currently am. I am inspired and motivated to discover how it all comes to together by the years end *smile*.

Yours in play,

How are your 2015 goals going?

If you set goals for this year, I’d love to hear how you are going with them! Leave a comment telling us about your progress on them or leave the link over to your blog post about them. May your year be intentionally planned as you strive towards being a mindful mama!

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