Tonsils out! A Possible Sleep Solution

I am writing this from Ooffa’s bedside, 2 hours after he had his tonsils and adenoids removed plus grommets (also known as ear tubes) were inserted into his ears to release a build up of fluid in his middle ear. The Trifecta.

Tonsils out! A possible sleep solution.
He is sleeping peacefully occasionally looking for me out of one eye but gone again in the next moment. His face shows the pain that he must be sensing but for now he rests.

We came to Perth (a twenty hour return journey from Esperance) for a specialist appointment to see about having grommets inserted. But after a good discussion with the doctor about Ooffa’s behaviour, hearing and sleep issues he thought the best course of action would be combined tonsillectomy / adenoidectomy / bilateral myringotomy, the following day.

It happened so fast. Giving the go ahead in the space of a few minutes. Hoping it’s the right decision and then being swept along in the wake of that decision. And as a parent it is my choice to make, but late at night when all is quiet, you can’t help but wonder if you are doing the right thing. Wondering if you are making the right decision for your child. You repeat the conversation with the doctor through your mind and a few key things stand out: sleep apnea, stress on his heart and lungs, and you know it is all for the best. A decision made out of love.

Tonsils out! A possible sleep solution.
I opted for him to have a pre-med in case he became anxious about what was going on. I am really glad that I did. He was relaxed and trusting with everyone around him. As we waited to go into surgery I sung him our lullaby that we sing every night and the words of “Golden Slumbers” could not have been more perfect.

Cares you’ll know not therefore sleep
While over you a watch I’ll keep
Sleep darling baby, do not cry
And I will sing a lullaby

He wasn’t in surgery very long and I was called to his bedside a little under an hour later. The recovery nurse encouraged me to hop into bed with him and I was able to cuddle him as he roused then fell back to sleep. Staff at South Perth hospital have been absolutely wonderful with Ooffa and have allowed me to to provide the nurturing care that I wish to provide my child with during his hospital stay.

I have so many hopes that this surgery will provide the remedies that we so wish for with his sleep apnea and associated difficulties. But most of all I am excited for the world of sound opening up to him.

We will need to stay in Perth for the next two weeks, as precaution for post operative bleeding. Our hospital in Esperance does not have the facilities to be able to help Ooffa should the worst scenario occur. I have a few play posts already planned and scheduled each week for you to enjoy and when I can I’ll post an update on Ooffa’s progress and our stay in Perth.

There’s always updates being posted on Instagram and our Facebook page so pop in to these for our daily activities *smile*

Tonsils out! A possible sleep solution.

2 comments on “Tonsils out! A Possible Sleep Solution

  1. Aww… such a little trooper! I can not imagine what it would be like to have sleep apnea (as well as the other medical issues) at such a young age. I find it difficult enough with my own apnea-related problems.

    Hoping that you’ve seen a change in the year since this post was originally written!

    • Yes! Thank you Stephen, the change has been amazing! He has slept the entire night, every night since this operation. He looks well and his behaviour has improved with better sleep. It is a frightening thing sleep apnea, I can’t imagine what it is like for you, living with it everyday of your life.

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