Twins, 3 Under 3 and Sleep

I cannot fit another thing into this day!

Organise! Organise! Organise!

Must pre-prepare our lunches!

I am finding the twins still need a morning sleep. When I get home from Playgroup there is a small window to get some lunch into them. If I miss it then they go to bed without a substantial meal and have a shorter sleep.
I am going to have to tinker with the routine of this day. It’s never ending! It is so much harder getting it right with three kids. I thought I had the routine sorted and I would if I stayed home all day, everyday. Been there, done that, went mad!

I am not going to stop going to Playgroup, the benefits far out way the cons. Mummy gets to engage in conversation with other adults and it is great for Chook. I am just going to have to make it work somehow.

Lunch at 11:30am. Twins sleep time @ 12 noon. They’ll probably sleep until 2pm.
Chook’s sleep @ 12:30pm or 1pm (I’m going to have to watch this). He’ll have to have this sleep in my room.

Which gives Mummy an hour of kid free time. I think I can live with that! Also it will give me half an hour to an hour of time with just Chook and the possibility of half an hour with the twins before Chook wakes up.

How have you organised your children’s day sleeps?

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