Our Waldorf Inspired Preschool Rhythm

Waldorf Inspired Autumn Rhythm

You have all been eagerly awaiting this post since I started to home school Chook in January!

I couldn’t be happier with our rhythm! It has everything I value highly for an early childhood curriculum. Play. Time to immerse in the learning, no hurrying onto the next thing. More play. Learning through play. And did I mention purposeful play!

Our Waldorf Inspired Autumn RhythmDownload Our Autumn Weekly Rhythm to inspire you in creating your own weekly rhythm.

I have included Steiner’s Colours of the Day in our rhythm. We also include orange and green, but as we don’t home school on those two days they are not included here. All colours are explored all the time!

Areas of interest in our rhythm:

  • Quick Clean-Up and Care of Our Home = House cleaning. The children are invited to ‘help’ mummy and I provide some age appropriate cleaning jobs for them to do alongside me.
  • Walk-Away activities are toys that are made available and I am able to ‘Stay, Play and Walk-Away’ from and their interest is such that they continue playing without my constant presence.
  • Each day has a different type of play associated with it. This is our learning time and is springboarded by the book, which is read on Monday and the same book continues throughout the week.
  • Handwork is for Mama! For this season, while Strawberry and Ooffa still nap and Chook has his rest period, I can still enjoy this time 🙂

Our Waldorf Inspired Autumn Rhythm

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