Our Waldorf Inspired Weekly Rhythm

Waldorf-inspired Weekly Rhythm

I love our weekly rhythm!

With a weekly rhythm we have a calm and happy home. A rhythm has taken what could be a really busy and unpredictable week and has given it flow and structure. I know that sounds contradictory but stay with me here!

The structure is in getting done what needs to be done – housework, meal planning, learning activities, creative activities, work, etc. The flow is these things are given a time and we are content that the time for these things will come. We don’t need to do everything RIGHT now.

Waldorf-inspired Weekly Rhythm

Having a rhythm for our day helps us to be intentional with how we spend our time, and a weekly rhythm assists in being intentional with our week. Our Waldorf inspired weekly rhythm is far more consistent than our daily rhythm. Often the order of our activities changes in our daily rhythm, due to my husbands shift work. But if we have modeling day on Tuesday, then every Tuesday is modeling Day. This is the predictability I can provide for my children.

The weekly rhythm can include any number of activities of your choosing and you choose an appropriate day for it to occur. For example, we have always had a baking day, a painting day, an exploring day, a shopping day and so on. We used to have a separate day for baking and cooking together but, these days we bake and cook every evening together.

So, currently our weekly rhythm for Ooffa (4.5yrs) and Strawberry (4.5yrs) looks like this:
Monday : : Shelf Work
Tuesday : : Shelf Work; Modeling Day (Beeswax, play dough, plasticine, clay)
Wednesday : : Shelf Work; Art Project
Thursday : : Errand Day
Friday : : Handwork
Saturday : : Weekly Home Blessing Day and Nature Adventurers
Sunday : : Gardening Day

Waldorf-inspired Weekly Rhythm

Chook currently attends full-time Pre-Primary (5-6yrs) and loves it. He loves learning new things and has a strong interest in the environment. While he attends the local public school, I am fostering his interests by supplementing his education at home with the things he misses in this setting. Currently I can do this by having a time we call Nature Adventurers, which is based on the Reggio Emilia concept of Project Work, every afternoon after school and Saturday’s. Independent choice time is also available to him and he can choose shelf work, modeling, an art project and handwork. We love school holidays when Chook can join us in our Learn@Home weekly rhythm!

We also have a weekly rhythm for meal planning, which really helps to simplify things. I have another post fully outlining our meal plan rhythm.

Meal Planning

Monday : : Fish Night

Tuesday : : Left Over Night

Wednesday : : Vegetarian Night

Thursday : : Soup and Curry Night

Friday : : Pizza Night

Saturday : : BBQ Night

Sunday : : Roast or Slow Cooker Night

2015 Weekly Menu Plan May

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