Week One Afterschooling Play Rhythm

Our week one Afterschooling Play Rhythm included two stories about school, we got creative with journal writing, our flight project looked at kites and we took our learning to the beach!
Preparing for project-based afterschooling: Tadpoles
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Week 1 Afterschooling Activities

Monday is Story Day

Week one afterschooling
We love all the ‘Mothball’ wombat stories and Wombat Goes To School by Jackie French is no exception. Through the adventures of Mothball we are able to get a glimpse into a day at school, which encourages some great discussion about similarities and differences between Mothball’s ‘school’ and my children’s school.
Week one afterschooling
First Day by Andrew Daddo was a wonderful book to read to the kids. We really enjoyed how the story takes us through getting ready for school on the morning of the first day. I loved the reassurance that the child gives to the parent, a really lovely touch.

Tuesday is Play Day

A recent Occupational Therapy appointment for Ooffa highlighted the benefits that play can have in assisting Ooffa’s social and emotional development. Using the toys we have out in rotation we are looking at building Ooffa’s independent play and constructing a ‘play menu’.

Wednesday is Create Day

The kids are using our water-colour palette trays during their journal writing. Next week we will resume our liquid water-colour rhythm and observing what happens when colours mix and play on our paper.Week one afterschooling

Thursday is Discovery Day – Preparing for Project-based Afterschooling

Week one afterschooling

The kids are very interested in flight for their project learning so this week we made kites and flew them in the local park.
Read How to make a simple kite.

Friday is Learn Day

Our Language activity trays for the week.
Week one afterschoolingInset tracing.
Week one afterschoolingAAB Patterning
Week one afterschoolingAAB Threading
Week one afterschooling

Owl colour sorting

Saturday is Game Day

This week I am focusing on teaching Ooffa to play Memory.

Sunday is Nature Adventurers

Our adventuring took us to the beach where we were able to view the paragliders hovering over the cliffs, explore rock caves, collect natural items for our nature table and create letters on the beach with our natural objects.

Week one afterschooling Week one afterschooling Week one afterschooling Week one afterschooling Week one afterschooling

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