Week Two Afterschooling Play Rhythm

A week of activities for your children with Playful Matters Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm. This week we had two stories, we gave the sandpit a make-over, investigated chemical reactions and enjoyed the last of our summer days.

Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm

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Monday is Story Day

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney is a favourite bedtime story around here (maybe it is in your home too!) As we read we stretch out our arms as wide as we can and talk about how much we love each other. As a follow-up to the book you might like to create these woven heart notes over on Rainy Day Mum. I think these would look wonderful hanging from a belonging tree or natural branches.
Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm
Can I Cuddle The Moon? by Kerry Brown is one of my personal favourites. The Illustrations are simply divine. I love the story line of little owl asking questions about all the different things he could cuddle and the replies given from Mama Owl.
Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm

Tuesday is Play Day

This week my Reggio Emilia training looked at the space and environment I provide for children to play and learn in. Our sandpit has become a disused dumping ground. It is in dire need of a make-over so I focused on applying my training here.
Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm
I want the children to use this area and for longer periods of time. I also want them to show care for this area. Armed with some inspiration from Sally Haughey of Fairy Dust Teaching, I turned our sandpit space into this! I would never have thought of using metal pails if Sally hadn’t of suggested it and they are perfect for this area, don’t you think?
Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm
A broom, dustpan and brush has been provided to encourage the children to keep the outside sandpit area clean and to also brush their feet of sand.
Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm

Wednesday is Create Day

This week I struggled with what so many of us face from time to time – finding the balance. This week some of the behind the scenes plans took precedence over much of our normal routine. I am really excited about getting things set-up for May and there’s A LOT to do, but I have to prioritise. It was ‘easier’ this week to not set out our water colours but when we got to the end of the week without getting creative together, I felt sad and a bit disconnected with everyone.

Thursday is Discovery Day

There’s been a bit of a lull with the flight project-learning so we left it to one side this week and got engaged in a couple of provocations and had a discussion about our interests.

In Chook’s classroom they have been looking at earthworms, so I used this as a discussion point to gauge Chook’s knowledge and interest. I also set out a provocation in the vegetable garden to have an earthworm dig.

We also had a discussion about Star Wars and looked at some ways we might be able to develop a project out of this interest.
Another provocation was set out on a different afternoon, which was to create a volcano. Chook used plasticine, a jar and a tray to build his volcano. He watched a YouTube video about making a volcano erupt using baking soda (bi-carbonated soda), vinegar and food colouring. We then used the same ingredients to create our own eruption.
Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm
Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm
Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm
Chook has already made plans to create other eruptions but using different colours, mixing them and seeing what colours spill from the mouth of the volcano. Sounds like an exciting project!

Friday is Learn Day

Our Language activity trays for the week.

Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm

Sorting sizes.

Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm
Square inset tracing.
Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm
ABB Patterning.
Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm

ABB Threading patterning.

Saturday is Game Day

Games to play Memory, What’s in the Hat? and Snap.

Sunday is Nature Adventurers

We are still enjoying the last few weeks of summer down at the beach. This was a particularly stunning day!
Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm Week 2 Afterschooling Weekly Play Rhythm

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