Weekly Rhythm With 3-Under-3 Years of Age


When the twins were newborns I brought my life right down to the basics – meeting their needs and getting plenty of rest.

When I felt ready I began to add things to my day. S.L.OW.L.Y.

First I took charge of mealtime cooking. Starting with preparing one evening meal over a couple of weeks before adding another evening meal.

But I wanted to do so much more! I started to take too much on too quickly.

I started to feel I wasn’t handling ‘everything’ as well as I should have been and I felt guilty because of it. And then I felt worthless and not much good to anyone.

My depression came around the twins six month mark. I no longer had a support network and I had taken on the running of the household, cleaning, cooking and care of 3 babies.

I never saw it coming.

I was looking forward to taking it all on.

Every moment of time in my waking life was scheduled. I thought I would be happy with this, knowing what I had to do and when I had to do it. No way! It stressed me. There were times when I couldn’t meet the scheduled event and instead of moving on I would play catch up.

There is so much to do and little time to do it in

What I needed was a rhythm not a schedule.

I imagine rhythm as the ocean, which ebbs and flows with the tide. The tide doesn’t resist the pull of the moon but just goes with it and sometimes that tide is high and sometimes that tide is low. But there is also predictability to it. There will always be a low tide, just as there will be a high tide. That is how I like to look at my life now…it ebbs and flows. I am the moon and my children are the ocean. I provide the predictability and they ebb and flow accordingly.


Our Weekly Rhythm with 3 Children Under 3 Years of Age

Monday: Library Day. 

Tuesday: Mummy’s Day.

Wednesday: Chook’s Swimming Lesson. Playgroup.

Thursday: Mummy’s Errand Day.

Friday: Home Day

Saturday: Special Time with one child (rotates weekly).

Sunday: Family Day.

I try to only have one thing happening each day. Wednesday has become the exception and will be a real tester for us. Thank goodness the pools and Playgroup are next door to each other!

What do you do on a weekly basis?

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Felt weekly board
Felt Schedule Board
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Weekly Planner Chart
week schedule
Printable Week Schedule

Chook is 2.5. Strawberry and Ooffa are 1.

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