Our Weekly Rhythm Resources

Our Weekly Rhythm ResourcesHere’s an outline of the resources we use on our Weekly Rhythm planning sheet.

GMA (Gross Motor Activity): This is typically at the park and can be any number of movements that use the large muscles of the body. We also include Yoga poses, action songs and ball skills.

Rhyme/Song: Particular preference is given to any rhyme or song that uses rhyming, a key oral language experience for phonological development.

Letter of the week: I start our letter learning with my preschoolers name, as these letters will be familiar to him. I then move onto the names of his siblings. This is also suggested by Melitsa Avila in her e-book Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activities. The activities Melitsa suggests for learning each letter are a combination of excellent early learning approaches learning though the senses, visual experiences, auditory practices, Kinesthetic and tactile approaches.

everydaysensoryalphabetbookNumber & Shape (Mathematics): Our activities are taken from KHT Mathematics Teachers Manual.

Colour: There is a small but rich section in the e-book Montessori At Home (p. 187 – 192) of colour activities.

Montessori At HomePositive Character Trait: I have had the privilege of trialing Playing With Purpose, a brand new e-book by Chelsea Lee Smith, creator of Moments A Day. Her book has enabled me to provide much desired character building experiences to my children in a very easy to use format. I simply write our chosen trait on our Weekly Rhythm planning sheet and display the A5 mini poster I have made and we focus on that for the week.

Our Weekly Rhythm Resources

playing-with-purpose-3d-cropPractical Life: Our activities are taken from KHT Practical Life Teachers Manual.

Walk Away Activities: Taken from Our Toy Rotation System.

I will share my resources for our play activities in Dramatic Play, Tactile Play, Sensory Play, Exploratory Play and Creative Play as they arise over our home school year.

Resource Overview

e-Books: Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activities by Melitsa Avila.

Montessori At Home by John Bowman. If you are just starting to bring Montessori into your home I cannot recommend this e-book enough!

Playing With Purpose by Chelsea Lee Smith.

KHT Montessori – a 12 Month Online Montessori Certificate Course.


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