Zebra Silkworms

Did you know Zebra Silkworms molt?

Well neither did we!

Zebra Silkworms

We only discovered this fact during a recent container clean out of the frass. Very exciting!

Zebra Silkworms Week 2 & 3

Look how much we have grown since Week 1!

Week 2 Zebra Silkworms

In week 2 our silkworms moved onto eating mature mulberry leaves. We feed them morning and night and it is incredible the rate at which they are growing!

Zebra Silkworms

Silkworms are still as fascinating as they were when I was a child. They really do make the perfect pet and life cycle project! We call these guys the Bulldog of the caterpillar world! They are adorable and each have their own little personality.

Week 3 Zebra Silworms

The silkworms are over 2cm (nearly one inch) long with quite a few at 4cm (one and three quarters of an inch). It amazes us to see the differences in size considering they all hatched within a day or two of each other. The kids are handling the silkworms and so far there are no casualties.

Zebra Silkworms

We decided to count them the other day, while cleaning their container of frass and we counted 55! Wowsers! Considering I paid for 50 eggs…lucky we know they’re not breeding yet, haha!

Zebra Silkworms

Zebra Silkworms

Tomorrow, we’re taking the zebra silkworms into Chook’s Kindy class. They’re having an insect week and Chook is pretty excited to share his at home science project with his friends.

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